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Bertram Seitz
CEO of BCIF - Crypto Expert
Katja Damij
Founder of FUTURE MONEY - DeFi Expert

Benefits of
Copy Trading

Copy trading, also known as social trading or mirror trading, allows individuals to replicate the trades of more experienced or successful traders.


Access to Expertise

Copy trading allows less experienced investors to benefit from the expertise and strategies of more experienced traders without having to actively trade themselves.


Potential for Profit

While not guaranteed, copy trading can offer the potential for profit if the traders being copied are experts and successful in their strategies.



It saves time for individuals who may not have the time or inclination to research and analyze the markets themselves. They can simply copy the strategy.


Motion Management

Emotions can often cloud judgment in trading. Copy trading removes the emotional aspect of trading decisions, as trades are executed based on pre-defined criteria.

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Blue Chips only


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Copy BCIF Public Strategy

Benefits of Investing in BCIF Strategy

The BCIF strategy positions itself as the ultimate choice for investors seeking a well-rounded, secure, and growth-oriented crypto investment approach. By providing equal weighting to the top 18 cryptocurrencies, regular rebalancing, BCIF paves the way for investors to unlock the potential of the blockchain revolution.

Professional Management

Leverage the expertise of the BCIF Index strategy.

Simplified Investing

Easy to set up and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Fees & Risks

Disclose Iconomi's platform fees and reiterate the inherent risks of cryptocurrency investments.


Gain exposure to the top 18 cryptocurrencies in a single investment.

Your questions answered

Common questions

Yes, copy trading can be suitable for beginners as it allows them to start trading without the need for extensive knowledge or experience. By copying the trades of more experienced traders, beginners can learn about trading strategies and market dynamics while potentially earning profits.

Copy trading carries several risks, including potential losses from market volatility and over-reliance on the skills of the copied trader. It can lead to a lack of portfolio diversification, and technical or security issues on the trading platform may disrupt trades. Misalignment of risk tolerance between you and the trader, along with various fees, can diminish returns. Additionally, there is limited control over trades, regulatory risks if the platform is poorly regulated, and the danger of becoming complacent and less engaged in personal investment strategy.

Yes, copy trading of our strategy has a minimum investment requirement of $5.

Yes, you can stop copy trading at any time.  This provides you with the flexibility to manage your investments and respond to changes in the trader’s performance or market conditions as needed. 


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