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BCIF's Methodology

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investments, the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index stands out with its distinct methodology designed to offer a stable and data-driven approach to crypto investment. This unique index encompasses a selection of 30 cryptocurrencies, meticulously chosen based on a strict set of criteria. By focusing solely on blue-chip assets, the index aims to provide investors with a reliable investment vehicle that steers clear of the volatility typically associated with the crypto market. Here's a closer look at the methodology that underpins the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index.


A foundational aspect of the BCIF methodology is its deliberate exclusion of stable coins, privacy coins, and utility tokens. This decision is rooted in the desire to maintain the purity of the investment focus on cryptocurrencies that possess significant market presence and stability, akin to the blue-chip stocks in the traditional financial markets. By excluding these categories, the index minimizes exposure to the regulatory uncertainties and market fluctuations that can affect these types of assets.

One of the most defining features of the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index is its approach to asset allocation. Unlike traditional indices that may weigh assets based on market cap or other factors, the BCIF Index allocates its portfolio linearly and equally across all 30 selected cryptocurrencies. This egalitarian approach ensures that no single asset disproportionately influences the index’s performance, promoting a balanced and diversified portfolio.

To maintain its relevance and performance in the rapidly evolving crypto market, the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index undergoes a weekly composition review. This frequent revision ensures that the index reflects the current landscape of the crypto market, adding or removing cryptocurrencies as necessary based on their performance and stability. This weekly adjustment process is crucial for adapting to the market’s dynamic nature, ensuring the index remains aligned with its blue-chip investment strategy.

In alignment with its commitment to a data-driven and stable investment approach, the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index eschews regular rebalancing and trading activities. The index only engages in trading when its weekly composition review necessitates changes in its portfolio. This disciplined approach minimizes transaction costs and potential market impact, preserving the index’s integrity and focus on long-term investment stability.

At the heart of the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index methodology is a commitment to data-driven decision-making. The selection and weekly revision of the index’s composition are based entirely on quantitative data, eliminating emotional biases that can often lead to suboptimal investment decisions. By relying on a rigorous analysis of market data, the index aims to capture the true essence of blue-chip investment in the crypto space, offering investors a reliable and emotion-free pathway to crypto investment.


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